Lily Church of Christ Crystal Lane


Perhaps you are wondering what kind of church the church of christ is , or what the church offers the community. Quite simply, we are a church that follows after the pattern of the New Testament. We are not a social club, nor a civic organization, nor a political forum, nor a welfare institution. While the influence of the church and its members are felt in all these areas, the church, itself, is none of these things. The church is a spiritual institution, which administers to the spiritual needs of its members and the community.

The church of christ founded by Jesus Christ fulfills a need that no human institution could possibly perform. We deplore the fact that so many religious organizations have smothered the true purpose of the Lord's church beneath civic, social, and domestic affairs. They feed hungry souls with hamburgers, but we feed the soul with the teachings of Christ (John 6:26-35)

Lily Church of christ — London Ky 552 crystal lane London ky 40740

Phone number (606)521-9577

As part of the lily church of Christ’s effort to teach God's message, we regularly place articles on this site. Take time to read them. We welcome questions concerning the Bible, which we will try to answer in accordance to God's Holy Word (I Peter 4:11). Lessons presented at the congregation are posted for your use. We hope you will enjoy the information you find here and perhaps learn something that will benefit your life.